Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Alpha Legion - Go!

It's been a long time since I updated this website, but here we are! For the last years, Horus Heresy has been my game of choice. Up until now I have been playing almost exclusively Mechanicum, but now I want in on that sweet Legion action, and the Alpha Legion intrigue me the most.

I've just finished my first test model, with 19 more on the way. These Tactical Marines will form the basis of my future force. I've opted for the classic metallic blue/green. The green does not really show on the pictures, but it's there.

I did think of whether I was going to go for a really shiny, glossy metallic, or a more muted and satin finish. I decided on the satin finish, as it looks a bit more realistic. The Alpha Legion are masters of subterfuge and stealth after all, they shouldn't really shine too much.

Over all I am very satisfied. I can see a whole army of these guys in my mind, supported by some vehicles. I am very much looking forward to getting more done!

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