Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Darkoath Chieftain: Base finished

The base for the Chieftain is finished! Now only his eye and the blood effects remain, but those will have to wait until all other heroes are completed. Here's the base:

I decided to use the Shattered Dominion base kit. The bases are great for Silver Tower, since they have all manner of decorations that fit the Tzeentch theme.

With that theme comes my decision for the colour scheme, which is blue/green ground and rocks, along with some golden details. These colours appear quite a lot on the different tiles of the game, so I think they will fit fine.

I also decided to paint the trim of all the heroes golden, and the monsters will have regular grey ones. This will help them stand out even more when playing the game, and gives them that little extra snazzy finish that all heroes crave.

Next up will be the Stormcast Eternal, speaking of snazzy and golden.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Silver Tower: Darkoath Chieftain

Here he is; the first finished model from my Silver Tower project. The Darkoath Chieftain was super fun to paint, and a great start for this boxed game, netting me some much needed practice.

I haven't painted his one working eye (the other has a scar going over it, so it seems like it's been hurt in a fight) and no blood effects. I haven't really decided on either of these yet. Eyes are super difficult, and can screw up a nice paint job if not done right. I will probably do the eyes on all minuatures when I've finished them all, to get some more practice first. Blood is probably coming as well, but that will also be after all miniatures are done, so I can get a nice consistant theme among them all. He is a barbarian after all, so he will need some blood for sure.

I also haven't painted a base for the Chieftain. I need some other paints to get them all "Tzeentchified", which I will go out and get tomorrow. I will paint that up tomorrow and slap the Chieftain on there, and a new update showing all that will go up. Stay tuned!

Friday, 30 September 2016

Silver Tower - New project!

This blog has been quiet for some time now, but no more! I've started a new project; Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower.

Since I recently moved to a new city I didn't really have room, or wanted to bring all my Warhammer figures. However my painting fingers itched so bad that I had to get something. I decided that starting a new 40k or Age of Sigmar army was out of the question, since I don't know how much of that I will be able to play, so a board game was perfect.

A game that can be played with anyone (that's interested in board games at least..) that I still get to assemble and paint? Perfect!

Now the project has officially started. The bases will be done with the Shattered Dominion base kit from Games Workshop. I think these look great, especially with the Tzeentch theme.

The bases will be done last however, as I'm starting with the most important pieces; the heroes! Since they are the figures that you will actually play with, I decided to start with these. They are now primed and ready.

This is the airbrush I will be using for many parts of the miniatures; the Iwata Eclipse HP-CS. For paints I will use mostly Citadels colour range, but also with some Vallejo here and there. All airbrush stuff (cleaners, thinners etc) are Vallejo.

And here he is, the first model that I will start painting; the Darkoath Chieftain. He will be a great practice model, with a lot of skin and different details that will get me back into painting again. Since the models were just primed they need to dry and harden. The painting will therefore continue either tonight or tomorrow. More updates to come!

Friday, 17 July 2015

Adeptus Mechanicus Tech-Priest Dominus

I present my latest finished model: the Tech-priest Dominus of the Adeptus Mechanicus.

This model was a blast to paint! So much detail, the flowing robes, I loved every moment of painting this bad boy. I plan on using him along with two units of Kataphron Destroyers as allies to my main Imperial Guard force. He will most definately be useful repairing my tanks while the Destroyers decimate power armoured foes with their Heavy Grav Cannons.

Good times.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Imperial Fists Devastators

Next up for my Imperial Fists are the first squad of Devastators. I am going to make an identical squad later, so I get one with 4 Lascannons and another one with 4 Gravcannons.

I think these turned out well, and it's a good idea of how the yellow will look across the army. I especially like the Sargeant, with the red helmet.

Like with the Techmarine the only thing missing are the transfers. Forgeworld has apparently sold out on the Imperial Fists transfer sheet, and won't be getting them "for the forseeable future", so that sucks.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Imperial Fists Techmarine + Servitors

My first completed unit for my Imperial Fists army. I converted my own Techmarine using a number of different kits; the new Devastator box, a Stormtalon pilot, Sternguard Veterans and some bits from a Warmachine model. The only thing missing is the Imperial Fists emblem transfer on his left shoulder pad. I haven't gotten the transfer sheet from Forgeworld yet.

The Servitors are also Warmachine models; Accretion Servitors from the Convergence faction. I like these because they were cheap and easy to assemble/paint. Games Workshops Servitors are finecast and expensive, and since I already had parts for my Techmarine, I decided to use these instead of buying a Techmarine + Servitors from Game Workshop. I think they work just fine!