Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Darkoath Chieftain: Base finished

The base for the Chieftain is finished! Now only his eye and the blood effects remain, but those will have to wait until all other heroes are completed. Here's the base:

I decided to use the Shattered Dominion base kit. The bases are great for Silver Tower, since they have all manner of decorations that fit the Tzeentch theme.

With that theme comes my decision for the colour scheme, which is blue/green ground and rocks, along with some golden details. These colours appear quite a lot on the different tiles of the game, so I think they will fit fine.

I also decided to paint the trim of all the heroes golden, and the monsters will have regular grey ones. This will help them stand out even more when playing the game, and gives them that little extra snazzy finish that all heroes crave.

Next up will be the Stormcast Eternal, speaking of snazzy and golden.

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